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Our Mission

To advance interoperable health information technology to improve the quality and safety of health care and reduce costs. 

To advance, develop and operate a health information infrastructure based on a community-driven model open to participation by all health care providers facilitating the exchange of patient health information among disparate clinicians, other authorized entities, and patients in real time while ensuring security and privacy concerns. 

To facilitate the exchange of clinical information among Health Information Users so that clinicians have access to the information necessary to guide clinical decision and care coordination. 

To promote a system where information follows the health care consumer so they are at the center of their care. 

To engage in the Statewide Health Information Network of NY (SHIN-NY) to create the ability to share data across the continuum of care resulting in higher quality and better health outcomes in a more cost-effective environment for patients in New York State.

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Long Island
551 North Country Road, Suite 206, St. James, NY 11780

14 Penn Plaza, 225 West 34th Street, 9th Floor, New York, NY 10122

P.O. Box 800038, Elmhurst, NY 11380

To reach a NYCIG customer service representative, please call 631-250-9191

For issues related to privacy of your information, please contact us: