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For Patients

Emergency Care

You want your doctors and nurses to have the information they need to make the best decisions about your health. You want this especially in an emergency when your life is in their hands. NY Care Information Gateway can help.

Commitment to Patient Privacy

In cooperation with federal and state laws, like HIPAA, we will not share your health information without your written permission. You can opt out at anytime.

Patients Participate for Free

You can participate in NY Care Information Gateway for free by signing a consent form at any of the network’s provider members where you go for healthcare services.

Medications List

Doctors need to know what medicines you take. Your doctor will be able to see which medicines were prescribed for you by providers in the network.

Help for Parents

Keeping track of allergies, treatment and medicines for several children takes precious time. NY Care Information Gateway is making plans to help ease this burden for parents.

Help for Family Caregivers and the Chronically Ill

With chronic illness, keeping track of many prescriptions and long treatment histories can be overwhelming. NY Care Information Gateway can help family caregivers save time. It will help make much of this information more available to your family members' doctors.

Save Precious Time

You and your doctor will no longer have to spend time chasing test results for you or your loved ones. Your information will “follow” you, whether you are going to a network provider member for testing, a doctor visit, or a hospital stay.

Life or Death Decisions Should not be Left to Chance

If you can’t speak for yourself, your health information can speak for you. Doctors who treat you will be able to access your information quickly. This can save your life.

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