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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a RHIO?What is NY Care Information Gateway?How can NY Care Information Gateway make your care better?

A RHIO is a Regional Health Information Organization made up of hospitals, doctors, and other healthcare providers. A RHIO uses secure computer networks to share information about their patients in an effort to provide better healthcare.

NY Care Information Gateway is a RHIO serving the communities of New York City, Nassau and Suffolk Counties. It has been established to provide technology that links patients and their healthcare providers with immediate, personal health information.

By being part of NY Care Information Gateway, you are allowing your doctor ,hospital and other healthcare providers to see your health information, in order to provide you with the best care and treatment. This can make a difference if you are very sick or are in an emergency situation.

How can I participate in NY Care Information Gateway?Who are the providers in NY Care Information Gateway? How much does it cost to participate in NY Care Information Gateway? What happens when I sign up?How do I give my doctors permission to see my personal health information?Can I choose what healthcare facility gets to see my information?What type of information about me will be shared with my doctors?Can I exclude some of the information my doctors will see?What if my health information is wrong?How will my health information be protected from unauthorized access?

If your local hospital, doctors, or other healthcare providers are members of NY Care Information Gateway, you can participate by signing a consent form.

Click here to view a list of healthcare providers that share information through NY Care Information Gateway. New providers will continue to be added to NY Care Information Gateway’s network.

It is FREE for patients to participate. You will only need to sign a consent form. If your doctors, local hospital or extended care facility are members of NY Care Information Gateway you can join at their offices.

NY Care Information Gateway only manages health data; it does not provide medical services. Patients will still have to pay for their healthcare through insurance and co-payments.

When you visit any provider member, information about your care such as medications prescribed, diagnoses, and test results may be stored electronically. Doctors who have your permission can then view this information.

When you visit your doctor, hospital or lab, let them know you would like to participate in NY Care Information Gateway. They will ask you to sign a consent form. This will give them permission.

You will only sign a consent form for the facilities that you want to see your information.

  • Personal information, such as your name, address, and insurance information.
  • Medical information, such as prescribed medications, allergies, hospital discharge summaries, progress notes, referrals, diagnoses, test results, radiology reports, and advance directives.
  • Sensitive Information, such as HIV status, mental health information, genetic testing, and drug and alcohol abuse information, if applicable.

No, all of your health information will be visible to the doctors who have your permission.

Patients can correct their health information by making a written request to the medical provider who made the entry. Patients may also call NY Care Information Gateway at (631) 638-4000 or (718) 334-5944.

The standards, which protect your privacy rights now, will continue to be enforced when you participate in the network. If you have questions or concerns, you may contact NY Care Information Gateway at (631) 638-4000 or (718) 334-5944 during normal business hours.

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