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Privacy & Security

NY Care Information Gateway is Your Advocate for Patient Privacy Rights

  • All participating NY Care Information Gateway providers must follow New York State and Federal privacy and confidentiality laws.
  • No one can see your health information without your written consent. Only doctors, staff, and organizations whom you choose by using a consent form are allowed to access your records through NY Care Information Gateway.
  • NY Care Information Gateway monitors use of the network to ensure that privacy laws are followed.

Keeping Data Safe and Secure is our Key Priority

Data security is maintained whether it is in transit or stored. To ensure a high level of privacy and security for our patients and providers, NY Care Information Gateway has established policies and procedures to provide guidance and instruction when using the NY Care Information Gateway. Patients can request a list of everyone in NY Care Information Gateway who has accessed their records. Patients can request an audit annually at no charge. In addition, NY Care Information Gateway conducts its own periodic audits to ensure that participants are complying with the RHIO’s policies and procedures governing access. The results of the periodic audits are available upon request.

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