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For Providers

Imagine if... You could access your patients’ information, their recent labs, medications, and test results... Wherever and whenever you need it.

Putting Possibility into Practice

NY Care Information Gateway is made up of healthcare providers who use the network for clinical data exchange. The purpose is to enhance access and communication among providers in New York City, Nassau and Suffolk Counties. Physicians in the network will be able to access the following services and information:

  • Patient demographic information
  • Emergency data, such as medication lists, allergy information, and problems lists
  • Discharge summaries
  • Progress notes
  • Person-to-person clinical secure messaging
  • Electronic referral
  • Document sharing
  • Inpatient and outpatient laboratory results
  • Radiology results
  • Advance directives

Small Facilities & Those Without EMRs Can Join

All you need is a computer, Internet access, and a commitment to patient privacy. Click here for more information.

Readily Access the Information You Need

  • Access patients’ health information whether you are on rounds at the hospital or in your office, including problems lists, allergies, and medications.
  • Access radiology/lab results, abnormal results, hospital discharge summaries, progress notes, and other clinical documents on patients in your care soon after they are generated.

Keeping Data Safe is our Key Priority

  • Data security is maintained whether it is in transit or stored.
  • To ensure a high level of privacy and security for our patients and providers, NY Care Information Gateway has established policies and procedures to provide guidance and instruction when using the NY Care Information Gateway network. To find out more information please contact us at: (631) 250-9191.

Improve Collaboration & Continuity of Care

  • Utilize clinical secure messaging and online referrals, making it easier to communicate with colleagues on patient treatment.
  • Access flagged or abnormal test results as soon as they are available.

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To reach a NYCIG customer service representative, please call 631-250-9191

For issues related to privacy of your information, please contact us: