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Frequently Asked Questions

What Types of Services Are Provided by NY Care Information Gateway?

Healthcare Providers in the network will be able to access the following services and information:

  • Patient demographic information
  • Emergency data: medication lists, allergies, and problem lists
  • Discharge summaries
  • Progress notes
  • Person-to-person clinical secure messaging
  • Electronic referral
  • Document sharing
  • Inpatient and outpatient laboratory results
  • Radiology results
  • Sensitive information, such as HIV/AIDS, mental health, genetic diseases or tests, and alcohol and substance abuse

What Are the Areas Served by NY Care Information Gateway?

NY Care Information Gateway serves New York City, Nassau and Suffolk Counties.

Can I Participate if I Don’t Have an EMR?

Yes, you can participate if you do not have an EMR. Contact us to learn more about the different ways to participate and the services available.

What are the Levels of Participation and the Requirements for Each?

Click here to contact us or call us at (631) 250-9191 to learn more about the levels of participation and the services available.

What are the Training Requirements?

All users need to be trained on RHIO policies and procedures. Training can be provided onsite or online.

What Are the Costs for Joining NY Care Information Gateway?

The initial costs for joining the network will vary based on the level of participation. At this time, there are no fees for basic services. Please contact NY Care Information Gateway at (631) 250-9191 to learn more about the levels of participation and the services available.

How Do I Sign Up?

For more information about joining the NY Care Information Gateway team, click here or contact NY Care Information Gateway at (631) 250-9191 for more information.

How is Patient Privacy Protected?

NY Care Information Gateway is dedicated to full privacy and security to help enhance and maintain patient and provider trust. Patients have rights to privacy under federal and state laws like HIPAA; those rights are in full force for all providers in the network. Your patients’ health records will only be looked at within the rules of the current laws. NY Care Information Gateway will only provide access to the providers chosen by your patients who are in the network and involved in their care.

What type of information about me will be shared with my doctors?

  • Personal information, such as your name, address, and insurance information.
  • Medical information, such as prescribed medications, allergies, hospital discharge summaries, progress notes, referrals, diagnoses, test results, radiology reports, and advance directives.
  • Sensitive Information, such as HIV status, mental health information, genetic testing, and drug and alcohol abuse information, if applicable.

Can I exclude some of the information my doctors will see?

No, all of your health information will be visible to the doctors who have your permission.

What if my health information is wrong?

Patients can correct their health information by making a written request to the medical provider who made the entry. Patients may also call NY Care Information Gateway at (631) 250-9191.

How will my health information be protected from unauthorized access?

The standards, which protect your privacy rights now, will continue to be enforced when you participate in the network. If you have questions or concerns, you may contact NY Care Information Gateway at (631) 250-9191 during normal business hours.

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